Fit to Fly Apparel is the world’s first brand for pilots that promotes health and well being. ‘Fit to fly’ is a phrase used in the aviation industry to describe someone who is physically and mentally capable to fly. Thru our creative designs and original apparel, we preach that everyone is fit to fly. There is nobody who should tell you otherwise.

We are all Fit to Fly. 


Robert W.

Myth has it Robert is allergic to leg training- others say he waits till the dead of night to sneak onto the calf machine only once a year to “train calves”. Truth has it he’s an Eagle Scout, wireless engineering student at Auburn and friends with the man who’s vision has lead the company from the start: Zach Richards. Robert has always had a strong desire to pursue fitness and the chase of his personal vision of the future. When Zach pitched the theme of the company to him he felt the heart of a company centered around striving for more in all areas of life. The Instagram was made the same night and it was off to the races. Robert aims to keep the soul of the company centered on a hunger to live life to its fullest in hopes that it shows through the perceived attitude of the brand.


Zach R.

Zach had a vision to build a brand that could inspire people from around the world to go after your goals even when unforeseen circumstances arise. From flying on flight simulators in grade school, to joining Auburn’s aviation program, Zach’s dream has always been to fly for the airlines. After being diagnosed with a heart condition at a young age, Zach continues to struggle to become certified by the FAA. The term ‘fit to fly’ is the saying the aviation industry uses when you meet the medical requirements to fly. Zach is more motivated than ever to stay fit to fly and keep a healthy condition so he can increase his chances of staying cleared. This is how the brand was born. With a clear vision and a like-minded partner, Zach believes that him and Robert can take their company to new heights and do more than just sell clothing.