Fit to Fly Apparel is the world’s first apparel brand that combines fitness and aviation in one. The term ‘Fit to Fly’ comes from the idea of being suited for the job; being mentally and physically able to fly. Our brand preaches that there is nobody out there who has the right to tell you what you can or can’t achieve. We are all Fit to Fly. 


Robert W.

Robert Waudby has dedicated his life to fitness and the like. Robert is a major contributor in content creation, design, and modeling. Even though he is one of the most built men on campus, he’s legendary for not completing a leg day. Ever.


Zach R.

Pilot and fitness enthusiast, Zach Richards wanted to build a brand that combined two realms in one. He had a vision to start something he could be passionate about and take to the next level. Fit to Fly Apparel is Zach’s channel to inspire the world that anybody can accomplish their goals no matter what society has to say.